Frequently Asked Questions about Sneakerness Market


How much fees will be charged?
How can I sell on Sneakerness Market?
What sneakers can I sell?
What condition does the item need to be in in order to sell?


How much fees will be charged?
How do I purchase an item?
The product description says “No Box”. Are you providing a replacement box?


How long will it take for my item to be authenticated?
How do you authenticate the sneakers?


What does collectID do?
How can I access the collectID ecosystem and its features?
Where can I learn more about collectID


What does pre-owned mean?
What are the differences between preowned products?
Do you authenticate preowned products?
I do not agree with the condition of the purchased product. What can I do?


How do I ship my sold sneakers to you?
What should I do if I can’t ship my item within 48 hours?
What should I do if my order never arrived ?
What should I do if my order gets damaged?
Can I bring my order to any Swiss Post office?
Do I have to pay for shipping?
I deleted my email with the link to my shipping label. How do I get back my shipping label?


When will I receive my payment?

Other questions

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