About Sneakerness.Market

Sneakerness originates from a passion: Friends who share a long-standing interest in sneakers getting together. Even though we were not deliberately trying to come up with something huge, our expectations were outmatched from the get-go. The amount of people participating in our first event in Bern, Switzerland, was overwhelming and far beyond our expectations. However, the success we have achieved does not mean that we’re not staying true to our roots: A genuine enthusiasm and curiosity in sneakers and the culture that comes with them. We combine this unique appreciation with a professional and customer-oriented attitude – and thus provide great experiences to brands, clients, and to those who are a part of the community.

With Sneakerness.market we aim to be the most trustworthy marketplace for sneakers.

We make use of our trusted network of resellers, to make sure only authentic products will be sold on our marketplace.

On top of that all items are verified by Checkcheck.com and in-hand verification to make sure all sneakers are legit.

much love Sneakerness Market