Nike Air Max 90 OG Infrared - he is back!

Nike Air Max 90 OG Infrared - he is back!
Throughout the year, Air Max 90 celebrates its 30th anniversary with a hammer style! But Nike's real gift will only appear at the end of this year. Nike Air Max 90 OG Infrared will be re-released in the 2020 holiday season. The fact that we will get this Colorway this year is very special, and it will surprise every Air Max enthusiast. why? I will explain to you in one minute, first you will get the release information of OG Air Max 90. release news The release date of the Nike Air Max 90 Infrared has not been officially determined, but it is very likely to be released on November 28, 2020. After the date is changed, clicking the button will notify you immediately. You can also find out there which stores will sell the sneakers when they are on sale. 
Air Max 90 history As mentioned earlier, the Air Max 90 was first released in 1990, but in fact its history is much earlier. The story of Air Max 90 actually started in 1978, 12 years before the actual release. 1978 was the year when Nike started to use the air technology that we all love very much. However, it took Nike another 8 years to produce the first Air Max samples. The Air Max 1 was first released in 1987 and will take two years. Air Max 90 is the third edition of Air Max in 1990, partly named Nike Air Max 3, but it is also equipped with five different colors, now called OG Colorways. 
Air Max 90 Colorways: No. 5 Eggplant No. 4 Spruce Lime No. 3 Hot Coral No. 2 Laser Blue No. 1 Infrared Source: Boon Magazine In the 30 years from the first release of five OG Colorways to today, we have seen some new versions of OG, but this year is a very special year. For the first time, the release of OG Colorways will have exactly the same details as in 1990. NikeAir Max 90 OG Infrared is the third OG re-release after "Eggplant" and "Laser Blue" this year. If we are not sure about the other two, it is not clear, but using our release calendar, if the other two have been released, you are always up to date. Nike Air Max 90 OG Infrared-detailed information The Nike Air Max 90 OG infrared has a color scheme consisting of white, gray, black and so-called infrared. Infrared is bright red, hence the name. Except for the size label inside the sneaker, all details are the same as the 1990 version.
Finally, let's go back to the release information: we are not yet sure of the exact date, but in the US, the release on November 7, 2020 has been confirmed. Therefore, we expect the official release date to be announced soon. Finally is the picture of this pair of sneakers.